A: The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a new way for people with disability to receive support, offering more choice, control and a lifetime approach to each person’s needs. It is usually referred to as the NDIS. To get started with the NDIS you will talk with a planner who works for or with the National Disability Insurance Agency, the NDIA or a Local Area Coordinator. To find out more about the NDIS, check out this link: www.ndis.gov.au.

A: The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency, whose role is to implement and oversee the NDIS. They also work with other organizations called Local Area Coordination Services (LACs) who may talk with you about your plan.

You can choose to stay with your current provider. Whether you are already accessing supports through CFN, or you are researching other service providers, we are available to help. For people who already receive a service from CFN, and wish to continue with our service, we can attend any meetings with NDIA or your LAC, or assist you as required.

A: To give you peace of mind, CFN can assist you to navigate the NDIS or help you with pre planning before accessing the NDIS.  Our team of experienced staff acknowledge pre-planning remains to be a daunting process for some individuals and their families.  We are here to assist and guide you on this journey. Give us a call on 54 32 3966.

AOnce you have registered for the NDIS and have met eligibility criteria, a planner from the NDIA will be in contact to arrange a planning meeting. At this meeting (usually an hour and a half to two hours) the planner will meet with yourself and your support network and run through a number of discussion points to gain a greater understanding of what the impact of your disability is, along with what are your goals and aspirations. From this meeting the NDIA planner will develop your NDIA plan. This plan will detail your support needs in the areas of Core, Capital and Capacity.

A:  The whole idea of the NDIS is to promote choice and control for people living with a disability.  This means it’s now over to you, and your support network to take the next step. You have the ability to engage with a variety of service providers to ensure your range of supports are met.   If you would like, CFN can assist you in unpacking your NDIS plan – don’t hesitate to call us on 54 32 3966.

A:  If you are about to, or have recently met with the NDIA, contact CFN on 54 32 3966 alternatively info@cfn.org.au.  We can help you design a support plan that best suits your needs.

Our supports offer:

  • Choice and control. You decide what you want to happen, including the type of support staff who work with you.
  • Flexibility and options. We will ensure you that your person-centred plan has the flexibility to provide as many options as possible within your budget. This means that activities will occur at times and in circumstances to best suit your needs.

A: CFN offers flexible support options to people with disability and their families and/or carers, ensuring they have choice and control over the support they need to thrive.

CFN’s services and programs include:

  • Social and Community Participation
  • Respite including short term accommodation support, in-home respite and school holiday programs
  • Daily Living Support
  • Support Coordination (PATH PLANNING)

For assistance please call CFN 54 32 3966 or alternatively info@cfn.org.au

A: Once you are in the NDIS, you can choose and change to the service provider who best suits you.     

A: Through the NDIS you will have a plan that outlines what goals you want to reach and what funding you have been allocated to help you reach your goals.

The NDIA will not fund everything you need, it will only fund what is considered reasonable and necessary.  The NDIA will also expect you to use all the same services as everyone else in the community such as general health services and education services.

With your NDIA funding or support package you can choose:

  • who supports you, including providers such as CFN  
  • the types of support you would like
  • how and when you receive those supports

A: The NDIA will contact you to discuss your current needs and support levels. They will talk to you about your goals and specific requirements to meet your goals. If you are receiving support from CFN Association Inc and would like to continue with us, you do not have to change your provider. If you would like us to attend any meetings or assist you while transition into the NDIS, we are here to assist you.

A: If you are not currently receiving support but feel you should, you still may be able to apply. To find out if you can access services, go to the NDIS website [www.ndis.gov.au] and use the NDIS Access Checklist.

If this shows you are not eligible, there may other ways you can get help outside the NDIS. Information, Linkages and Capacity Building is being set up by the NDIS to support people like yourself. Full details of this services are found on the NDIS website. It is important to remember that you do have to be under age 65 when you first become a participant.

A : CFN is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment – free from unfair treatment or discrimination. We encourage you to inform us if you have any concerns in relation to our services and we assure you that you will not be penalised for their comments or concerns and can safely make complaints without fear of retribution.

The rights of a complainant are:

  • to be supported by a person of their choice
  • to be informed of the progress of their complaint
  • to receive reasonable timelines
  • to be informed of the outcome

In turn, the person making the complaint has a responsibility to respect the needs and rights of other people including the privacy and confidentiality of CFN staff.

Please contact the CFN office on 54 32 3966 or info@cfn.org.au