Short Term Accomodation 


Do you want new experiences, or time out to replenish your batteries or are you just in need of some relaxation and fun?   

At CFN we offer short term accommodation at our 3-bedroom guest house.  This opportunity is available for individuals to take an enjoyable break from their everyday home environment.  In most instances, it is not just for people to have a break but those who feel like a holiday.  

At CFN we understand that all people need, and indeed try to arrange, rest and space from their home life from time to time. Sometimes a break may happen spontaneously – a child goes for a sleepover at a friend’s house, or perhaps, with cousins or grandparents – a highly valued occurrence. 

A stay at The Retreat, CFN’s purpose-built short-term accommodation, provides individuals with a disability the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and relax – in an inclusive and safe environment.   

How we can assist you? 

We will work with you and your family to come up with flexible options that are right for you. 
Whether your goal is to increase daily living skills to become more independent, participate in in the community, or simply to enjoy a short break to help sustain informal supports in your life we can make it happen. 

 There are four types of short-term accommodation services you can access 

A stay at The Retreat, which has been established to feel like a home away from home, available for short-term accommodation support. The Retreat is open 7 days a week and can be flexible around your other activities during your stay.  

 Our Retreat is modern, homely and friendly and people look forward to coming to stay with us. 
We offer high quality physical, emotional and practical support and respect people’s individuality and right to privacy.   

 School holidays disability respite program (Vacation Care) 

We offer school holiday centre based / community programs for children and teenagers. Enjoy a trip away from home, experience something different and meet new friends.  Excursions are fantastic and the support from our holiday program staff is lively.  

Individual respite 

Our individual respite can occur at your home or in the community.  Whether you need respite support for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we can help. We work with you to find an option that works for you and your family. Our guests come to us not just for the care they need but also for a fabulous holiday experience.  

Community-based respite 

We run several community-based respite programs. There are both individual and group-based options available.   Community-based respite operates in many ways including attending leisure centres and recreational activities.  You can choose which programs you take part in based on your location and interests. Community based respite might look like video nights, sport events, outdoor barbecues and general fun activities e.g. outings to local scenic attractions, social clubs, theatres and restaurants. We make every effort to access activities available to the general public, thereby enabling individuals to participate in typical community events. 

 At CFN our services are person centred helping people to build their own support networks and make formal and informal links connecting them to the broader community.  Services are flexible to meet changing needs of individuals and families and carers with the right level of support provided when it is needed.   

 At CFN our services are designed to support the individual’s independence. The team has been chosen very carefully ensuring that each staff member is dedicated and genuinely passionate about what we do.  Staff come from a variety of backgrounds.  All have Blue Card and Criminal History checks and have references of suitability.  

At the heart of CFN is the desire to work closely with the people who access short term accommodation and their families or carers.  

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