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CFN offers a range of support services for people with a disability and their families and/or carers which are flexible and ensure that participants have choice and control over the support they need to thrive.

CFN’s support services and programs for people with a disability include:

  • Social and Community Participation
  • Short term accommodation support, in-home respite and school holiday programs
  • Daily Living Support

Once an individual’s support needs and goals have been identified in their support plan, CFN will endeavour to match the right support worker/s to the participant who will ensure continuity of support and match the person they are supporting to access the right support services. Supported individuals will have the final say on who will be supporting them and what support services they engage in, in close consultation with the carer or family.


CFN’s popular Enthuse program is a support service for people with a disability which focuses on social and community participation.  Enthuse was developed by and for people with disability and aims to help participants embrace new opportunities and broaden their experiences.

This innovative  support program for people with a disability is flexible and is delivered both one-on-one and in group settings. It encourages social and community participation, while also catering for individual needs and interests. Through Enthuse we assist participants to develop and enhance their skills, discover new interests, reach goals, establish relationships and link them with community and culture.


Our respite services are designed to grow your independence and get you out and about in the community. Respite is also a chance for your family and carers to relax and take a short break from their daily routine.

CFN offers a range of respite programs including short term accommodation support based at our centre in Morayfield near Caboolture, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast; in-home respite, school holiday programs and community-based adventures e.g. camps, concerts, sports matches and weekends away in our dedicated CFN mini van!


CFN are a specialist community and in-home service provider as a support services for people with a disability in the Caboolture, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast regions.  We provide a wide range of support to assist people you or the person you care for to live with greater independence in their everyday life.  

Some ways CFN can assist by providing support services for you or your dependent to gain essential life skills and live an empowered life include;

  • Getting out and about. Taking part in community events and activities, enjoying activities and experiencing new things either on your own or as part of a group.
  • Learning new skills that you are interested in and that might help you at work or to get a job in the future
  • Being creative and having fun 
  • Feeling more independent
  • Deal with the responsibilities of living in your own home, such as buying groceries, paying bills and budgeting your money
  • Stay fit and healthy, and look after yourself
  • Get things done around the house

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