The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers.  As an insurance scheme, the NDIS takes a lifetime approach, investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life.

NDIS Pricing

We want you to get the most out of your NDIS package and receive the best quality services for the right price with the comfort of people you trust.

For this reason, we align our pricing to the most up to date NDIS price guide. At CFN we are committed to never charge a participant more than the NDIS price guide. The NDIA reviews the NDIS price guide regularly and sets prices that reflect wage inflation, market trends, and ensures the NDIS remains sustainable.

We are ready to assist you with the NDIS

CFN is an experienced and professional service provider and a registered NDIS provider. The NDIS will support you to build skills and capability so that you can participate in the community and/or employment. The scheme has been created to ensure all participants have choice and control in how your supports are received and who provides them. At CFN as an NDIS provider we are here to support you every step of the way.

Preparing and pre-planning

To give you peace of mind, we can assist you to navigate the NDIS or help you with pre planning before accessing the NDIS.  We acknowledge pre-planning remains to be a daunting process for some individuals and their families.  We are here to assist and guide you on this journey. Give us a call.

I have just received a call from the NDIA – I have a meeting date!

Once you have registered for the NDIS and have met eligibility criteria, a planner from the NDIA will be in contact to arrange a planning meeting. At this meeting (usually an hour and a half to two hours) the planner will meet with yourself and your support network and run through a number of discussion points to gain a greater understanding of what the impact of your disability is, along with what are your goals and aspirations. From this meeting the NDIA planner will develop your NDIA plan. This plan will detail your support needs in the areas of Core, Capital and Capacity.

It’s now over to you, and your support network to take the next step.  You have the ability to engage with a variety of NDIS providers to ensure your range of supports are met.   If you would like, CFN can assist you in unpacking your NDIS plan – don’t hesitate to call us.