CFN Enthuse is our Social and Community Participation Hub. Enthuse started as a center-based group support program that has now flourished into a suite of innovative programs that encourage friendships, learning and skill development and working towards goals. CFN Enthuse participants can be supported in a group environment or 1:1 or a mix of both depending on your needs and requirements. CFN Enthuse aims to assist participants to embrace new opportunities and broaden your experiences.

The Enthuse HUB operates a core program of center-based group support Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Participants can choose to attend full days or part days or enroll in specific programs that are either interest based or working towards defined goals. Outside of this core program we offer evenings and weekend support to attend special events.

Also central to Enthuse is supporting people 1:1 to enjoy and actively be involved in our local community. We encourage social and community participation, while also catering for individual needs and interests. Through Enthuse we assist participants seeking the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills, discover new interests, reach goals, establish relationships and link them with community and culture. 

Creating the life, you want means having choice and control over how you receive supports. If group isn’t your thing or you have discovered a new interest/passion through our programs you have the choice of working 1:1 so that you can join that dance group or start that new project. We have a diverse group of staff that you can choose to work with based on your interests and goals.

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