CFN is a amazing support for my daughter Chloe, we have been with them for 6 years. They are like family, always there when you need them and just a phone call away. The staff are professional, well trained and just LOVE their work. They have such a wide range of programs and supports, you can have 1:1 support or group support whatever suits your needs.

Geralyn Archer

“Hi Candice, Pippa had a great day yesterday, and I think she was hyped up about doing research for studying, she spent quite a few hours doing her own research looking for courses etc., so her head was working overtime. Pippa went to bed at about 10pm but was still awake after midnight, even coming in and talking to me about different things, so when I went in to wake her up this morning , Pip said she is just too tired to come in today. It’s so nice to see her excited though, and I also think she felt that she got along well with Emma, which is great. Pippa has just been talking and talking so the 1:1 support was very successful and great day for Pippa.”

Joy Atkinson

Mason wakes up early and comes home everyday with a big smile on his face”.

Kim Giffin

We are loving the reflections of an afternoon and really impressed with the activities on offer”.

Libby and John Weir

“This morning Daniel was up early, dressed and packed his lunch in the hope that he would be coming to Enthuse today, everyone at your other office is so welcoming and lovely”.

Anita Marr

“After just a day or two at Enthuse, we get happy Travis for the rest of the week”.

 Linda Green

“I just can’t believe I can come to a place where I have so many choices. I’m loving being here with you all”.

 Jen Hourigan

“Shane is over the moon about his stay at the retreat and is loving Enthuse, thank you”.

 Debbie Grey

I’ve had a difficult couple of days, but today I feel so good because all you guys made me feel happy and supported me. I had a great day!”

Natasha Hila