Blind photographer who covered the Rio Paralypmics

You hear more and morecamera-photo-1470940511639-1068d7764233 about people with disabilities leading typical lives and not living within the limitations placed on them by either their disability or by others who sometimes have very low expectations for them. One such person, 42-year-old, Joao Maia da Silva, who has been blind since his late twenties, was one of the photographers covering the events at the Rio Paralympic Games this year. Joao said “once I know well how the conditions are, I appeal to all my five senses, especially hearing, to start taking photos,” he explained.

You often hear people living with a disability say that society places more barriers on them than their disability. This is often because we focus on a person’s disability and fail to see their gifts and potential. This is the challenge for all of us, to not only raise our expectations but to listen to what people say they want to do with their life.   You can read Joao’s’ story here.