Protecting your Privacy

CFN is committed to ensuring that individuals, families and/or carers who receive a service from this organisation have the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality as is expected by the rest of the community.

Information sharing is a vital part of any organisation’s development, management and progression. However, it is acknowledged that, due to the sometimes intrusive nature of service delivery in a human service environment, information can carry with it the potential to impair the dignity, respect and right to privacy of the subject.

CFN will ensure assure that personal information is kept confidential and private and that all considerations and legislative requirements under the National Privacy Principles will be met.

Your personal information – CFN will only collect from a family and/or carer, information that can be shown to be directly relevant to effective service delivery and the organisation’s duty of care responsibilities.

How we collect your information – CFN collects information directly from you when you provide information in person, by phone or in other documents such as information sheets.

Sensitive Information – CFN will not collect sensitive information from you unless it is necessary and not without your consent.

How your information is used

CFN will use your information to:
● provide you with support services
● manage and administer your support
● inform you of what’s happening at CFN
● gain an understanding of your needs in order to provide you with the best possible support.