CFN Students with donut, mostache and LOL Props

Normalising Disability

Dylan Alcott is on a mission to normalise disability, and one way he is doing this is through his new company, Get Skilled Access. The company is training businesses on the best way to improve services for people with disabilities. Here’s … Read more

Listen with the Lights Off: 19 Podcasts about Blindness

We’ve featured posts about podcasts before and here’s another one, Listen with the Lights Off: 19 Podcasts about Blindness, from the Bello Collective. As the name suggests, this collection of podcasts focus on the topic of visual impairment. It includes stories … Read more

Short video about the NDIS

This short NDIS video will give you some basic information about what the NDIS is and what you can expect from it. The NDIS is gradually rolling out across Australia and is expected to begin in our region in January 2019. This might … Read more

Tough Love, Australian Story

Recently, ABC’s Australian Story program featured a story, Tough Love, about Taylor and Michael, a young couple who both have down syndrome and want nothing more than to get married and have children.   At the heart of this story is … Read more

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