COVID-19 – Using the Funding in Your Plan Differently

Using the funding in your plan differently. Coronavirus is affecting many people around Australia. We need to change what we do to protect you, support workers and people in the community. This video answers questions about using funding in your plan differently.

“What if I want to use the funding in my plan in a different way?”

You have more control over how you spend your core supports budget. Your core supports budget are the supports and services you need and use the most. You can decide on how to spend your core supports budget for the daily support that you need.This support can include paying support workers to help with food shopping and other daily tasks. This can be helpful if you can’t leave your home because of coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic. You can’t spend a core supports budget on personal expenses. Personal expenses are things that you need to buy or pay for like food, rent and bills.

“How can I use the funding in my plan?”

If you want more control over how you spend the money in your new plan, you can self-manage. If you self-manage your plan, you can manage all or part of your NDIS funding and choose what supports you use to reach your goals. We can talk to you about self-managing at your next plan review. You may not be able to self-manage everything in your plan.

“What happens if my support workers can’t support me anymore?”

If your usual support workers can no longer support you, they should contact you. They’ll make sure new support workers come and support you. Make sure you tell your provider what your support needs are. This will make sure that they send the right support worker for you.

All NDIS providers must follow the NDIS code of conduct and the NDIS Practice Standards. These are two important documents that explain how NDIS providers must treat people with a disability.