Keiran – Kicking Goals!

Keiran Frazer has been a CFN participant for 14 years now and during this time it has been an absolute pleasure watching Keiran mature, grow and accomplish many goals he has set for himself over the years – always giving each one 110%. So it was no surprise to us when Keiran announced  that he had decided to sign up for his first power lifting competition!

Keiran has been working on his health, well-being and personal development for over 10 years at the Genesis Gym, which he loves and looks forward to attending each week.

After deciding to set himself this goal, Keiran begun working closely with his Genesis Personal Trainer, Julian, to train both physically and mentally for the upcoming competition. On top of this, Keiran was also attending weekly personal training sessions at The Holt Bolt studio to focus on his health and well-being.  How’s that for dedication!

On the 1st of September, the day had finally arrived for Keiran to show his trainers and peers just how far he had come!  The novice power lifting competition was held at The Storie Gym, Clontarf – it was a beautifully inclusive, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

When it was Keiran’s time to shine, he approached the equipment with confidence and professionalism. All his commitment, dedication and hard work paid off as Keiran completed a bench press of 60kg and a deadlift of 85kg (he had previously been dead lifting 70kg and was hoping for a new personal best)!  Wow – what an achievement!

We asked Keiran how it felt to attend his first power lifting competition and accomplish his goal and he shared with us “It felt great! I wasn’t nervous, I was just excited to finally do it.  I love working on my fitness. Everyone was really nice and supportive”. Keiran’s long-time friend, Amanda Crossen, also attended the power lifting competition to offer her support and cheer him on. We asked Amanda what she thought about Keiran’s results and she said “He did so well, especially considering it was his first one. I was happy and felt proud watching my friend achieve his goal.  He has always been there for me and I will always support him”.

Setting goals for growth and development is an important part of the NDIS and Keiran’s story is just one of many, proving what is possible when an individual is encouraged and supported accordingly to do so.

By competing in his first power lifting competition, Keiran has managed to kick goals relating to health and well-being, personal development and social and community, whilst having fun along the way!  The commitment, dedication and hard work Keiran has shown is admirable. As is the love, support and encouragement from his peers here at CFN.  And that right there, is what we are all about!

From all of us here at CFN – Well done Keiran!  We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future!!



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