My Elvis & Marilyn quilt!

Over the last few months I have been planning and making my own Quilt for my bed.  Back in April I came up with the idea to make the quilt, then I had to map out and draw what it was going to look like with Jeanette.

I started the process by working out the measurements and the purchasing the Material that I needed to complete the project.

I started by cutting out 18 pink squares and 18 squares of calico for the screen printing of Elvis and Marilyn.

It was a long process of screen printing 9 Elvis’s and 9 Marilyn’s, I then had to hang each one up to dry.

I then decided that I wanted to hand stamp Elvis signature on each of the Elvis squares. We then had to sew the rows of 6 squares together, when that was compete we then sewed them all together to make the front of the quilt.

We then had to tack the 3 layers of the quilt together so I could sew the outside edges. We used a spray adhesive to help with this step.

I then decided that I wanted to have a label which I made and sewed to the bottom of the quilt. The last step of the process was to hand sew 25 buttons onto the corners of each patchwork square.

The lessons I learnt from doing this project was patience and perseverance. The process took 4 months to complete and I learnt many new skills such as hand sewing but also learning to use a foot pedal sewing machine.

I feel proud of this achievement and the new skills I have learnt and the fact that I have done this process myself with help from my support worker.

Amanda – NDIS Participant


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