Recent changes to the Blue Card system QLD

Recent changes to the blue card system

You may have read about recent changes to the blue card system. The following changes took place on 1 July 2019:

  • We expanded the range of offences that disqualify a person from applying for a blue card.
  • We established a new framework for dealing with charges and convictions for serious offences.
  • We introduced a mandatory requirement for all adult household members residing in a home where stand-alone care is provided to children to hold blue cards.
  • We introduced an automatic stay of Queensland and Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) blue card review decisions.

No Card, No Start will bring paid employees into line with volunteers and business operators and will prevent someone from employing a person in child-related employment unless the person holds a working with children clearance and the employer has notified the chief executive about the employment or proposed employment of the person.

To emphasise the significant responsibility that employers have as the gatekeepers of child-related employment, increased penalties will be imposed against an employer who engages an employee without a working with children clearance, if an aggravating circumstance applies. Someone who starts or continues in regulated employment without a Blue Card could face a five year jail term, in certain circumstances.

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