As 2018 was nearing an end, we sat down with our Enthuse members to reflect on the year that was and asked them to write down, draw or discuss some of their highlights from their time at Enthuse throughout the year.

Many memories were shared and lots of laughs were had! Seeing the Enthuse members share so many positive experiences, was the ultimate reminder to us, as Support Workers and Facilitators, as to why we are so passionate about what we do here at CFN and that all of the hard work that comes with developing an effective group support program, is more than worth it 🙂

At Enthuse we have always taken pride in the fact that our program is designed with the assistance of our members and catered to incorporate their personal skills, interests and individual goals. Essentially, they tell us what they hope to get from Enthuse and we do our absolute best to incorporate those requests when we create the program each term.

Upon reflecting with our members on 2018, it was clear that many had benefited from this style of program development and felt they were gaining further skills, accomplishing their goals and having plenty of fun along the way!

Some of our members highlights have been shared below:-

“My highlight of 2018, was being able to lecture at QUT and sharing our lived experiences of living with a disability, to over 100 students” – Pippa Rogers

“2018 has been a tough year for me in my life but when I come to Enthuse, I get to see all of my friends and they feel like my family. They help me take my mind off things and make me laugh” – Kamm Mitchell

“My highlight was definitely the Enthuse Camp Out. The big swing was amazing and I really enjoyed the team building sessions we had” – Dee-Jay Boorer

“I like doing woodwork with John. He’s our Mister Maker and he’s a funny man” – Kyle Galloway

“I really liked meeting the people from Indonesia who work for the government and disability organisations over there. They were so sweet and friendly. We told them all about CFN and Enthuse and made lots of new friends” – Natasha Hila

“I like cooking yummy meals with Jo. She is such a great cook and she is very helpful” – Peter Weir

That’s just a snippet of what our members had to say 🙂

The Enthuse program has undergone a few changes for 2019, to adapt to the NDIS and assist with the transition process.

We are very excited to welcome many more Program Drivers onto the Enthuse team and utilise their individual skills to deliver the best support and facilitation we can.

The new program also offers even more room for choice and control when members are deciding which activities and workshops they would like to be a part of to further explore their interests or develop their skills.

We are also very eager to get to know the new members joining Enthuse so far in 2019 and anyone else who would like to come and meet us to see if Enthuse is the right fit for you!  Please feel free to reach out or get in touch with us at any time 🙂

Enthuse 2019 – lets do this!!

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