In the year leading up to the predicted NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) roll out in 2019, we are not going to lie, things have been a little crazier behind the scenes here than usual! But here at CFN, we are proud to say, that together we have embraced the challenges faced head on and our management team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the transition into NDIS goes as smoothly as possible and we are as ready as we can be! 

I don’t think we could possibly count the amount of times we have seen/spoken/written (probably even dreamt) the acronym ‘NDIS’ over the past year. While the roll out in the Moreton Bay region is only just beginning to now take place, we have been living and breathing (and trying to get our heads around!) the NDIS, since the moment parliament announced they had passed the bill on the largest social policy reform this nation has seen since Medicare, back in 2013. What an inspiring moment, for all people living with a disability and their family members, to witness this positive and exciting change go down in Australia’s history and for us to all be a part of it! Wow 🙂 

With that being said, we understand that with big change and stepping into the unknown, comes worry/uncertainty/and anxiety, and rightfully so! Over the past year here at CFN, we have tried to help alleviate those concerns by providing regular NDIS information sessions and in-depth pre-planning meetings for individuals and their families, so that they felt they were able to go in to their NDIS meetings as prepared as they possibly could be.

At CFN our biggest passions have always been to support the individual living with a disability to live an ordinary and meaningful life, acknowledging the individuals rights for choice and control and providing the adequate support services needed to assist the individual in identifying and achieving their life goals. 

Therefore we can honestly say that we are so excited to be a part of the changes the NDIS promises to bring and we are absolutely elated to welcome the rollout in 2019. Bring it on! 

Should anyone have any queries or concerns regarding NDIS pre planning or information, please do not hesitate to contact us at CFN so that we may be able to assist you. Our door is always open 🙂 

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