Kamm – Enthuse School of Rock!!

Hey there! My name is Kamm and I became a part of CFN back in February, 2018, when I joined the Enthuse program.

To me, Enthuse is like family. When I am there, I am surrounded by friends and Facilitators, who are always there for me and support me in achieving my goals. We have crazy fun times together!

With the assistance of my Enthuse Facilitators, I was able to start up my own car washing business. This has helped me to learn how to network and has enhanced my work ethic, time management and budgeting skills.

But my biggest passion is music! At Enthuse I feel supported to follow my dream of playing music on my bass guitar to live audiences and discovering new avenues this could lead me to. I get to bring my bass to Enthuse and practise for upcoming gigs with my band “The Fat Pigs” and other solo performances. I can’t wait to rock out in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ tournament with some of my fellow Enthuse members in 2019!

My favourite part about attending Enthuse is that we get to help create the program each term. We share our ideas and interests with our Facilitators and they help to make them happen. Every week is different and I have discovered so many new things that I am good at. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Enthuse next year! Rock on!

CFN NDIS Cllient camp swing

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