Courtney Loves Volunteering…. and Horses!!

Hey, my name is Courtney and I volunteer as the Head Groom for Riddler at Riding for Disabled, Burpengary. I love working with the horses, I am also horse crazy. I learn new skills by working in a team, taking people for rides in the carriage. I also love driving in Riddler’s carriage by controlling the reins after I have finished working. Some of my responsibilities of Head Groom are:

  • I lead Riddler out into the arena (unassisted)
  • I tie Riddler up with a quick release knot
  • I talk to Riddler while the head coaches put the equipment on
  • I spray Riddler with the fly spray
  • I walk at Riddler’s head letting him know that I’m there
  • I keep Riddler calm and quiet when the riders are coming on the carriage
  • I walk at Riddler’s head just in case of an emergency
  • I’m in charge of Riddler if there is an emergency
  • I scraped the sweat where the equipment was
  • I also sponge Riddler down
  • I lead Riddler back into his stable
  • I give Riddler a snack for doing a good job

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