Know Me – a free online resource to record important information.

coffee-desk-laptop-notebookKnow me, is a free online resource which has been developed for people with disabilities and/or their families/carers to record and share important personal information about themselves/your family member with a disability.

One of the main advantages with this kind of tool is it is cloud based so you can login to your account on any computer, in any location, and have instant access to important information. This feature will take the stress out of remembering everything you need for the myriad of appointments you have with specialists, school and other professionals you deal with.

Another feature of this app is, you can invite guests from your informal and formal networks to access or contribute to the information. Very handy for family and support circle members and staff. You can choose the level of permission each person has and whether or not they can add to or edit information. This is an important feature to maintain the dignity and privacy of the person whose information is stored there.

CFN can’t vouch for this particular product, but knowing how much information families deal with on a regular basis this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You can visit their website here for more information.