Short video about the NDIS

This short NDIS video will give you some basic information about what the NDIS is and what you can expect from it.

The NDIS is gradually rolling out across Australia and is expected to begin in our region in January 2019. This might seem a long way off still, but some of the advice coming from people who have already entered the scheme is to start to prepare as early as you can.

Suggestions include –

Think about how you would like life to look like for yourself/family member if you had adequate support to meet your needs and goals;
Familiarise yourself with this new system and language and
Think about the support you require or provide to your family member with disability.

The better prepared you are the better the outcomes you can expect.

CFN is here to help answer your questions about the NDIS and to assist you to prepare. You are welcome to call us to discuss how we can support you on your NDIS journey.