The Power of Belief

This is an excerpt from a speech given by the NDIS Chair, Bruce Bonyhady to Leadership Victoria. We recommend you read the full transcript on the NDIS website, but for those short on time, his conclusion is worth considering, particularly as it is a reminder of the power of belief and the strong community forces which led to the NDIS becoming a reality.

Let me leave you with these thoughts.
The NDIS is an unprecedented opportunity for our country; a nation-building reform.
It will place Australia at the international forefront of social and economic policy.
It is an idea that came out of the disability community – and initially did not have the
support of any state or territory or federal government.
It is an idea that we – and by ‘we’ I mean tens of thousands of people with a disability,
as well as mums and dads, friends, carers and disability service providers – fought for.
And we won the community’s support and the support of all governments for the NDIS.
The NDIS therefore highlights that when we think about leadership, we should not just
think about the roles of our elected politicians, the captains of our sporting teams, business
and community chief executives and senior figures in our faith-based institutions.
We need to look inwards.
Leadership is within us all.
Leadership is a state of mind, not a statement of position.
Leadership is based on belief and requires influence, courage and action.
From leadership comes progress.
And by being part of the Leadership Victoria family, I know you are committed to leading
and I wish you all every success in your personal journeys as leaders.
Thank you.


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