Individual funding and Your Life Your Choice

Launched in September 2012, Your Life Your Choice (YLYC) provides the framework for how self-directed support operates in Queensland. Self-directed support is a funding approach that enables individuals with a disability and their families and carers to have greater choice and control over the disability services they receive. It is also a key part of preparing Queenslanders for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

CFN is an approved host provider and if you meet the eligibility criteria for  individualised funding you may choose CFN as either your service provider of choice and/or to assist you to manage your support and funding. This support can include assisting you with administration, planning and choosing the supports you need.

For more information about YLYC  contact CFN on 07 54323966 or go to the following links.

Department of Communities, Disability Services website

Your Life Your Choice Handbook