Life Long Resilience

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CFN recognises that the role of carer can be very time consuming and can affect your personal and family life. With this in mind, our aim is to assist you to-

  • be more resilient in your caring role
  • feel more empowered when making decisions and/or dealing with agencies and government  
  • make the most of the opportunities which are available to you within your own communities and networks and with funding and services.

CFN’s Resilience Resources include:

Informal Network development
Assisting and strengthening the informal network of the family and/or carer and the person with a disability through assisting to set up circles of support and other information sharing gatherings.  

Facilitated PATH Planning
For more information about the PATH planning we can offer you, follow this link

Empowering families and/or carers to find their voice and the resources available to them to be able to effectively advocate for themselves and family member when dealing with schools, agencies and the government for example.

Opportunities to be re-energised through regular:
Pampering days
CFN Family BBQ’s and dinners
Linking families/carers with other families/ carers and support networks.

Navigating funding and services.
Providing information and assistance to help you navigate funding and service requirements and opportunities.

If you would like to know more about any of CFN’s services and how we can assist you, please get in touch with us here.