Social and Community Support

CFN believes that our communities are enriched when it respects and welcomes all people. We are therefore committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, people supported by CFN:

  • have access to the same places as the rest of the community;
  • receive support in community settings alongside other members of the community;
  • have the opportunity to socialise and build relationships with members of the wider community;
  • are provided with open pathways for skill development and self-reliance.

CFN’s Social and Community support service will support you to:

  • engage in physical activities (e.g. sporting/recreational groups);
  • attend educational and/or learning centers  (e.g. TAFE, PCYC);
  • be a part of their preferred church, group or club;
  • attend community events;
  • participate in leisure and hobby activities at local venues;
  • explore work and volunteer opportunities and provide support to meet those commitments;

CFN will also assist you to explore available options by:

  • providing you with information on local community services and events
  • assisting you with introductions to community services of your choice

If you would like to know more about CFN’s services please get in touch with us here.