Enthuse News



Term 3 already! How did that happen? What a journey 2016 has been already for us here at Enthuse – with so much more to come.

The Enthuse participants have welcomed Lizzy and myself with opened arms and together we are working on a number of exciting projects. Enthuse has grown into a safe space in which everybody can feel included and encouraged to con- tribute their ideas and passions towards designing a program that is person centered and goal orientated.

Enthuse participants were included in the process of putting this Enthuse update together for the CFN newsletter. The Roving Reporter project has been a huge success for Enthuse. Participants have had the opportunity to interview a
diverse range of people from our community. Mark Ryan, Lyndal Carmichael Photography, Friends of the Hound, Revolution  Espresso Lounge and Epic Employment to name a few. We have collaborated with Caboolture Community Action to provide meals for the homeless, created sustainable gardens with university students from the University of the Sunshine Coast and worked on a health and wellbeing program with Miles Fisher, who is currently in training for the Common- wealth Games. During Term 3 we will be collaborating with The Inside Outside Dance Theatre Group to work on the Grease performance for CFN’s AGM and visiting the Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural Bus. Hopefully by the end of the term or during term 4 we are hoping to collaborate with Caboolture High School where students and the Enthuse group can develop relationships and learn different skills from each other such as cooking, literacy and numeracy.

This term Enthuse have been working through the Step-Ahead self-esteem program where participants learn about self esteem and resilience. They learn the various components important to maintain good self esteem. As part of the
resilience topic, participants also learn that things do not always go as planned and that it is “OK” to make mistakes. The training program teaches participants about ways they can make themselves feel better when this occurs and the
importance of recovering from disappointment. We have welcomed a number of different guest speakers this term such

as Deborah Sammon who has shared with us the benefits of Qi Gong exercises and guided meditation to cope with
anxiety and Marijke Vos who has conducted self-esteem and self-preservation sessions.

Throughout the term we have been working on developing independent living skills such as catching public transport, budgeting, cooking and weekly planning. Most of us at Enthuse already have some of these skills, but sometimes things don’t go as planned and we can get a little stuck. At Enthuse we are learning skills that help

us to cope with these changes and to problem solve. We also make learning these skills fun and creative, we have had cooking theme days, so we get to cook and also learn about other cultures. We have competitions like Ready Steady Cook which is a lot of fun.

We could go on and on about all the wonderful and exciting things that are happening at Enthuse at the moment, but we
better let you get on with reading the rest of newsletter!  Kind Regards, Candice Chesterfield