Quality Assurance Accreditation

CFN Association Inc. is accredited against the Human Service Quality Framework Standards with a full audit taking place every 3 years and a maintenance audit that  is conducted each year in between.

The audit process uses a variety of methods to assess CFN’S service delivery and governance.  Quality means a lot more to CFN than just meeting the legislated standards and expectations of the external auditors.

Quality support for individuals with a disability, their families and or carers is the core of everything we do and therefore continuous quality improvement is held in high regard to ensure that we continue to provide a top quality service that meets the needs of individuals with a disability their families and or carers.  We encourage open, honest, constructive criticism  to inform and improve our practices.

Feedback is welcomed and can be provided by contacting the office via phone, email, mail, fax or in person as detailed below.

We appreciate both negative and positive feedback.

Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality 

CFN is committed to ensuring that individuals who receive a service from this organisation, and their advocates, have the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality as is expected by the rest of the community.

CFNP004 Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality